Wired Lise EP

by Realise

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released October 17, 2011



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Track Name: Lookin Back
Verse 1

Man I'm thinking deep,
Struggling hard whilst I'm tryin to sleep,
Bars have been slippin, flows are off key,
Like I gotta let go when I jump on this beat,
Thoughts are rejected on mic like a screen,
Anger bussin like I never seen,
Hope you man understand what I mean,
If you don't then fuck it, it's all me,
This year's been tough, I just kept off the street,
Concentrated on tryin to make beats,
Contemplating about what's the next step,
Do I miss what I left or was I cut clean,
Lost close mates to be trippin on beans,
Lost bare years of my life to the scene,
Fucked up nuff cos I'm sittin there lean,
And I'm still pissed off Whyrez knows what I mean,
Livin a lie like most of these guys,
Tellin ya mates bout giving black eyes,
Rollin them zoots or knockin back beers,
Like it won't take time if your life like years,
Regret how I treated my marge when I took roll,
Fuck knows how I lasted this long,
Seems like all I care for was sick flows,
Act up in front of police for the joke,
Cotched in the car park or school yard,
In pubs before I was 18 I got barred,
Jammin to Wiley or Dizzy spat bare bars,
Angry at life, thought it was that hard,
Now I know about life and it's bullshit,
Now I know I was just acting foolish,
Looking at myself, I mean christ,
Allowing this mess that I call my life,
Me and Whyrez will tell you about whether or not,
When you think you know someone, but they're not,
I can tell bare stories about mates,
Trusting the wrong type of person it's bait,
Promises made of few things that just break,
Unlike this flow that's too ill to fade,
What I say, is keep yourself true,
And stay true to you, and get paid,
This cross on my neck protects me from hurt,
Never again I'll be kicked in the dirt,
Made my choice to keep concentrated,
Help illustrate these words through voice,
This mind state is no choice of mine,
Poisonous bars that escape from the mind,
Stay on point like dot-to-dot lines,
And still to the real like me with the rhymes.


Lookin back for the times,
Lookin back for the grime,
Been through things that words can't define,
Been through things that warp ya boys minds. (x4)

Verse 2

Still, I see minimum wages,
Unfound rapists, poisoned like rabies,
Spreading semen and creating babies,
Pregnating women, governments still lazy,
What I keep in my head escapes like leaky pipes in council flats,
Shotted tech tracks of addicted cats,
And when payment comes slack punishment never lacks,
Can't relax, time's too taxing and it's,
No break from daily rituals,
We individuals, time seems cynical, everything revolves around currency,
Always be, luckily, out the vicinity,
No man can touch on me lyrically,
I'm boiling hot like scorching hash rocks,
Burning through your new Nike air top,
Don't carry guns but I keep something heavy,
Things I revive make you ill to your belly,
Grime's on a rise, I've sene it on telly,
But you don't see crooks all shook getting sweaty,
Realise, rockstaring through,
Lock, stock and two fat buns on a zoot,
Things I been through have made man soulless,
Write bars easy like rollin roaches.

Track Name: Ard Out Ere

It's hard out here, gotta get by,
Gotta push up with all of your might,
Forget all the times you were teary eyed,
You've got to push that work 'til you get that right,
It's hard out here, gotta get by,
Gotta push up with all your might,
Forget all the times you were teary eyed,
You gotta push through the dark and find that light.

Verse 1

Gonna take this time to step back to the mic with a hype,
Ain't often I write,
Used to be that I strapped these bars at night,
Under street light,
Nowadays though I wait for these beats to creep up on me like thieves,
When it comes down I wear my heart on my sleeve, ain't hard to believe,
Things have been changing a lot this year, let's be clear,
I ain't gone cos I'm not here, ain't long I'm still here,
Been through too much shit to have fear,
Typical criminal actions man, make that dough it's a standard plan,
No lyrical dan, but I've got you listening to who I am.


Verse 2

Still struggle hard when it comes to these feelings,
Thats why I bar cos it helps with that grieving,
Then I look for the meaning,
And I wake up from these nightmares just screaming,
Sleeping don't come easy I mean it,
Thoughts leak out like wound I bleed it,
I just stare at the ceiling,
Don't blaze zoots anymore that's cheatin,
Sit here, allow it, twist up these thoughts,
Of mates that I had that are sitting in court,
If time could be bought, I'd be buying back days and weeks and all sorts,
And all this hate just makes me irate,
Blazin zoots in council estates,
We've all made mistakes,
I just hope I can clear this shit off my plate.

Track Name: Comedown Town

Comedown town, take a look around,
Mum, Dad are you quite proud,
Comedown town, take a look around,
Ears ringing cos the shit was so loud.


Verse 1

Welcome to comedown town,
Everybody sitting down, all frowning,
Nobody's talking, I'm just staring,
Eyes on the wall, straight up glaring,
You know them ones on the end of a three day one,
Pass the zoot for two bun,
Close the curtains man I don't even wana see sun,
Eyes are glazed from that punk,
Need to munch but I ain't feeling eating,
Just wana fall asleep and get dreaming,
But it ain't guna happen I know,
Cos I'm bang on that comedown roll,
It's bout half past eight on a Monday,
Swear it feels just like last Sunday,
When I was stuck in that same old mood,
Can't sleep don't wana eat food,
Eyelids are heavy but I can't just go sleep,
Can't watch films, can't jam to no beats,
People just fuck me off they don't know me,
It's off key like a tune with no beat,
I want more, but I wana get off it,
Like all my mates have said stop it,
Stop all these messy sessions,
Cos you're only left with depression,
My body's had enough it's aching, paining,
Whilst I lean against these railings,
Eight in the morning it's all sunshine,
But I'm hiding away from the light,
Alright, I forget last night but I'm coming down now so things ain't nice,
It was live, I was buzzin, close your eyes it'll be alright.


Verse 2

You might see me on the train in pain,
Lack of sleep all over my face,
Dun kno I just came out of the rave,
And you're on your way back to work, that's bait,
I be sitting but I can't get cotched I'm too hot,
Sweatin up bad whilst I try spark up this fag,
Crack on why not, cos I spent 2 bill and the banks just dried up,
That's right Monday morning feeling,
Get high, last night I was steaming,
Still wana hit the bed, I ain't dreaming,
Way awake wondering, what's the meaning,
Every man knows no-one's gona conk out,
Bun through eighths and I still don't feel tired,
Drum and Bass cos my heart's still racing,
Can't sit down, just pacing,
Think I should be on tracks, lacing,
Instead I'm looking for beats, waiting,
I'ma keep doing this thing on my own and I don't give a fuck if you man ain't rating,
Eight in the morning it's all sunshine,
But I'm hiding away from the light,
Alright, I regret last night,
But I'm coming down now so things ain't nice.